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Say Goodbye to Artificial Jewellery

Ishika Taneja

The holiday season is fast approaching with all its glitz and glamour. As we dress in our finest, adorning ourselves with flashy artificial jewellery, we know it comes at a cost to many of us: metal allergies.

According to New Delhi beauty expert, Ishika Taneja, director of Alps Group, the answer comes from paper jewellery.

Below are 4 reasons Taneja says you should try paper jewellery instead of metal:

Non-allergic: Perhaps the most important reason to ditch the metal jewellery is skin irritation. For those suffering from sensitive skin, paper jewellery is the answer. The options in paper jewellery are wide, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches. These jewellery pieces are more than just paper when attaching beautiful additions of crystal, beads, Swarovski, and stones.

Creatively design: Do you have slight artistic abilities? Paper jewellery brings out your creativeness with the ease of making the paper adornments. Applying your favorite perfume to the finished pieces gives the jewellery your unique signature style. Consider having a signature piece for each fragrance you wear.

Environmentally responsible: By using the options found in recycled paper you are doing your part in preserving the environment. The different colours and styles of paper not only make unique pieces, but save on paper waste while preventing pollution.

Budget friendly: With a price to fit any budget, you aren’t stuck with keeping the jewellery around when it begins showing a little wear, you’re tired of wearing it, or you need something different to go with a new outfit. You have unlimited options with paper jewellery.

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