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Once upon a time,

The shop bell rang. A young gentleman entered the store.

He had been courting a young belle, news travels fast in a small town, and it was only a matter of time.

Looking for the Master Craftsman to create a soon to be cherished family heirloom.

Now, fast-forward 200 years…


More importantly how is it rocking the jewellry world?

As towns become bigger and demands for perfection higher. We all want something new, unique, fashionable, in half the time, for half the price.

How do Master Craftsman and traditional jewellers keep up with growing demand? The answer — Computer Aided Design & 3D Printing.

Through the latest technology Australia’s leading jewellery manufacturer and CAD specialists Monaco Court work with jewellery retailers to meet these new expectations effortlessly.

Retailers have been able to return their focus on meeting individual needs. Providing personalised service and guidance that customers need for this once in a lifetime moment.

From there, the local retailer coupled with a local manufacturer, work as a team to bring the refined concept to life.

Technical precision is hassle-free with C.A.D.

Old rings can be remodeled and new designs can be fashioned. What’s more, the industry can look forward to ridding the world of ill-fitting wedding rings.

Enabling the whole process to remain local whilst creating cost effective products of the highest quality.

Let’s celebrate a return to Australian craftsmanship!

Meet the Masters
When we create, we create to last.

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