Craig Arnold Re:vision


Upcycling is a growing part of our everyday lives. We reinvent everything from food, to clothing, to household goods and furniture. However, a previously uncharted area of repurposing is gaining popularity.

Waste materials such as architectural leftovers, paper, glass, ceramic and plastic waste find themselves in unique jewellery creations. Upcycling gives several major brands a new line of sustainable jewellery. It also breathes new life into items previously considered trash.

Australian designer, Craig Arnold, offers a line of cuff bracelets made from used and discarded camera parts. Known as his Re:vision line, the jewellery is unique and contemporary.

Kumvan Gormani Jewellery

Sweden-based designer, Kumvana Gormani takes waste to another level with her sparkling ice jewellery made from recycled plastic. Her ingenious plastic jewellery design is quirky enough for casual yet elegant enough for formal attire.

Mixing rejected materials and precious metals Italian designer, Herika Signoria offers a unique take on nature. Incorporating materials like rubber, balloons, and atelier leftovers with bronze silver and steel, this Florence artist brings beauty and art to discarded waste.

With artistic design and a passion for nurturing our environment, jewellery designers are finding a useful purpose for society’s leftovers.

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