The German jewellery and watch market is still a very interesting and potential market with many opportunities for doing successful business in different categories. In terms of sales Germany is within the different distribution channels the leading country in Europe.

For those companies from abroad showing interest in the German market as well as for those who would like to expand business it is necessary to know how the market works. The independent jewellery and watch retail business stands for more than 50% of the yearly POS revenue. But what’s about other distribution channels such as wholesale business, chain and department stores, fashion shops, TV shopping, online business etc.? How’s about the general market situation, trends…? The latest “Germany Jewellery & Watch Market Report 2019” from bluesky mediaconsult gives a great overview with all relevant information in order to get successful started into the German jewellery and watch market.

The market report consists of 25 pages with topics such as

general country information, consumption, sales statistics, distribution, market situation, trends in jewellery and watches, market entry tips. Each category shows different subitems.

The “Germany Jewellery & Watch Market Report 2019” concentrates on those information which are absolutely relevant for market entry. The author, Alexander Dubois, who has many years of experience in the national as well as international jewellery and watch industry attaches great importance on practical information so that everybody can prepare a concept with the report for doing successful business in Germany. Detailed information and rate please send an email to

Who we are?

bluesky mediaconsult is a modern and innovative service provider specialized in the jewellery and watch industry with a long experience in the fields of consulting, PR and communication, market entry and distribution concepts and B2B media planning. In addition to bluesky mediaconsult has a huge database of retailer not only from Germany but worldwide.

Responsible for the content:

bluesky mediaconsult

Alexander Dubois, Director

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