Carla LIUNI. Bulgari. 2016 © david atlan

Pandora has announced in January that Carla Liuni, formerly vice president of marketing and communication at Bulgari, will join Pandora as chief marketing office.

Carla Liuni has spent much of her career driving growth in global brands across luxury, premium and mass market businesses. For the past four years, she has been responsible for global marketing and communication at Bulgari, the flagship jewellery brand of luxury group LVMH. Before joining Bulgari in 2015, she spent almost 20 years at Procter & Gamble, where she was general manager for the Prestige division, which included fragrance, makeup and skincare brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Hugo Boss.

“As part of our turnaround programme, we are significantly stepping up our marketing investments and have just relaunched our brand to improve relevance for consumers. Carla has a unique profile which combines mass market brand building with the ability to create the aspirational and desirable worlds of luxury goods. She is a passionate and energetic leader, and I am very happy she will take this critical role in our leadership team,” says CEO Alexander Lacik.

Carla Liuni will join Pandora in March 2020. Pandora is also stepping up efforts in the digital sphere, establishing a dedicated digital innovation group in Copenhagen in April 2020.Bringing together software engineers, designers and analysts, the group will be tasked with the rapid evolution of Pandora’s digital customer experience and driving sales through digital channels. The group will also strengthen Pandora’s abilities to capture, analyse and apply customer data to enable better personalisation of the customer experience. “Data driven customer growth is a strategic bet for Pandora and our ambition is to become best in class at personalisation within two to three years. This group will be instrumental in delivering on our aspirations within advanced data analytics,” says Peter Holmberg, Chief Information Officer. Locating the group in Copenhagen will allow Pandora to take an important role in the growing Danish tech scene.

Pandora expects to hire around 80 new employees in 2020 and expand further in 2021. Key roles include product managers, digital engineers, operations managers, strategy managers and data analyst.

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