De Beers’ lab grown diamond jewellery brand, Lightbox, is partnering with local restaurants in New York to deliver meals to New York city hospitals and health care workers. As a way of aiding restaurants, one of the hardest hit industries in the COVID-19 crisis, and of helping health care workers, the program has commenced at two hospitals in NY, with plans to extend into Minneapolis and Oregon in the coming days.

Steve Coe, CEO of Lightbox Jewellery, said it was important to the brand to “highlight small neighbourhood establishments with women owners who are connected to their communities” and recalls that when the brand reached out to [restaurants] Regina’s Grocery and Vinateria, “they were on board before we were able to finish explaining what we wanted to do.”

The CEO added that as an online brand, Lightbox is always looking for ways to connect directly with consumers and their local communities.

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