De Beers’ lab grown diamond brand, Lightbox, has just exceeded its own original price-point ceiling of $1,000 and is now offering total weight 2ct diamond studs. Opening sales for pre-order in June, the addition to the range was a pair of
1ct lab grown diamond studs for US$1,800, available in a 10k white or rose gold setting.

The stones will be available in the brand’s standard white, pink and blue stones, however the white version sold out before the end of June. Lightbox CEO Steve Coe said that “when we originally launched, we saw $1,000 as a bit of an upper limit. But what we’ve seen in practice is that there is a bit of a willingness among consumers to go higher.”

He mentioned it was possible that Lightbox might eventually offer 1.5 ct. and 2 ct. solitaires, if it feels there’s consumer demand for that product.

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