It’s been well over a year since the beloved Jewellers Podcast was on the air. Started by Linsey Houston from Social Story Tellers, the podcast talked to jewellers from all walks of life from all over Australia and released 24 episodes since its inception in July 2017. Now back for its first episode since June 2019, the podcast is getting a facelift and new hosts.

Taking the reins are Laura Moore from Moore Events and the Jewellery Industry Summit, and Brett Low from Young Jewellers Group and Deer Honey Jewellery. The pair is teaming up to bring back the podcast, bringing with them new guests and fresh eyes over the industry. Laura and Brett as the Jewellers Podcast hosts are excited to start bringing new stories of the jewellery industry to the podcast audience and hope that it continues to inspire and connect members of the jewellery industry.

The Jewellers Podcast will be releasing its first episode on the 31st of July. The podcast can be found via your favourite podcast player.

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