Former US first lady Michelle Obama used an item of jewellery to reinforce the message behind her keynote speech on the first day of the Democratic National
Convention (DNC) in August. Her gold necklace was strung with four letter pendants, spelling the word: “VOTE.”

While she never mentioned the necklace during her speech, the message resonated
with viewers – so many people searching online to find out where to buy their own
VOTE necklace, the item became the top trending search across the US by the last
hour of the event.

The necklace was custom made by Los Angeles based jewellery business By Chari,
who were quick to add the style to their website, priced at $490.

In a country where voting is not compulsory, the VOTE necklace could have a huge
impact on election results.

ByChari is a Black-owned business established in 2012 by designer Chari Cuthbert and
which now employs a team of women, creating every piece sustainably and by hand.

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