It has been a challenging year to say the least however, there have been some positive signs that have been appearing in the industry, in particular, a surge in demand for men’s jewellery. The choices around men’s wedding bands have presented unique opportunities for stores to capitalise on, provided they can accommodate the customer’s unique style.

Men’s fashion has exploded over
the past decade and is continuing to grow in jewellery trends and choices. Men are demanding more out-there designs, more personal designs with very specific engraving, designs that are unique to the buyer and the buyer only.

Bands with mixed metals and mixed materials.

Platinum is a popular choice, and titanium and carbon fibre are on the rise. Strong, durable materials for the most active guys. Black rings- the timeless colour choice that suits every style of man. The dark and edgy tone has entered the spotlight in mainstream men’s wedding band material choices.

It appears that during lockdown, trends online have not tapered, and instead have led to a steady increase in search query traffic for men’s jewellery, including and not limited to men’s wedding bands which has led to a growth in sales in this market.

To keep up with the overwhelming requests and demand, Palloys very recently launched their Livadi rings collection. The collection is one of the most unique and personal men’s jewellery on the market giving the wearer the opportunity to completely customise their purchase- to choose materials, fit, personalisation.

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