Iconic US Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg is being remembered for her extraordinary legacy as a pioneer for women’s rights.

Ginsburg was also known for her trademark habit of using the white jabots she wore over her judge’s gown to add a “voice” to her outfit, such as her “Majority Opinion” and “Dissent” collars.

In one formal Supreme Court photograph, Ginsburg wore a metallic necklace in place of her collar. The necklace was made by an admirer, lawyer Susan Hyman, who had modelled the design on Ginsburg’s collars, and then sent her the Silver Pegasus necklace as a tribute to “her pioneering life’s work to advance women’s equality. I wrote that I hoped she would wear it with pride and joy.”

Hyman said that the necklace was intended to resemble “something a warrior princess like Wonder Woman would wear as armour in battle. It projects strength, confidence and fearlessness.” Hyman was thrilled to receive a handwritten note from Ginsburg, thanking her for the gift, and even more thrilled when Ginsburg wore the necklace publicly multiple times.

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