My favourite time of the year! And what a unique year it has been.

Who could have foretold a pandemic that would lead to a shutdown of the retail industry? Thankfully, except for Adelaide, it seems that retailers can resume trade just in time for Christmas.

Historically, Christmas is a busy period filled with sales opportunities, and this year is increasingly busy for us. Our launch of our world-class ERP and website now allows users to get instant quotations, job status updates and account status all in one easy to use location.

Christmas trade also brings in extra sales opportunities, which can account for a great deal of stress and pressure to efficiently manage your turnover of stock. The new Palloys website aims to alleviate this pressure by placing all of your jewellery needs “to all come together at Palloys.”

2020 has been a challenging year for many. The year has separated the professionals from the hobbyists and the jewellery industry was no exception. Hardships in business bring out the best in people – everything is tested when business conditions are challenging.

As Christmas approaches, it’s important to stay proactive; to find ways to entice customers to your stores; to introduce loyalty programs and reward schemes, to do the little things to get customers through your doors.

This is also only half the job – how staff apply themselves is integral to a store’s Christmas success. Staff may be able to close a sale, but it is their appearance, attitude and product knowledge – all of which add to the customer’s experience – that bring shoppers back in the future.

It is also paramount to have a strong and trusted relationship with your suppliers, who will lend you the support when it is needed the most.

Palloys is here to support you throughout the festive season. Our offices are open until 2pm on Christmas Eve, December 24 and will be taking orders right up until Thursday 17th December 2020.

All of our best wishes to you this holiday season! Happy selling!

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