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How to Promote Your Jewellery Business on Social Media

The best publicity campaign is a consistent and cost-effective promotion of your brand, starting with your target audience, and spreading outwards to their connections, so you retain your old customers and attract new ones. In the past, jewellers and other businesses had to rely on print media and television advertisements …

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Jade – Jadeite and Nephrite

      “…a symbol of prosperity, success and good luck…”         Throughout history gem minerals have been associated with different cultures and religions, admired for their beauty and prized for their protective and healing properties. Jade has a long lineage with prehistoric artefacts found in Asia, …

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Fractals at Their Finest – Dendritic Opal

Any gemstone that is recognised for its stress-management properties gets a tick of approval from me, especially one which is Australian and contains dendritic inclusions (one of my favourite features). Australian Dendritic Opal is typically a black and white ornamental gemstone containing areas of opaque white common opal, translucent grey …

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The Perfect Blue – Iolite, Topaz, Aquamarine, Kyanite and Tanzanite

Blue gemstones are synonymous with royalty, luxury and, quite frankly, good taste. Sapphire, a gemstone known for its rich velvety blues, is September’s birthstone however, there is an abundance of other blue minerals available in a variety of shades and tones. Made In Earth carries five blue gemstones as an …

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Apetite for Crystals – Apatite

  “ … a sneaky stone often referred to as ‘the deceiver’, apatite brings drama and flair to jewellery designs … ”       What would life be without challenges? The victorious air punch once you’ve identified a stone is a work place hazard, but also a part of …

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Black is the New Black – Black Tourmaline

Being a Melbournian I’m up-to-date with current fashion trends and seasonal colour palettes, so naturally, I pretty much wear black head-to-toe like the rest of Melbourne. How do you accessorise a dark ensemble? With black gemstones of course, and tourmaline delivers the goods. Tourmalines make up a group of closely …

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