Howie launches Master Jewellers

John Howie, the former chief executive of the Jewellers Association of Australia, has officially launched Master Jewellers Australia to give quality independent jewellers ‘a voice in an industry dominated by chain stores and existing buyers group’.

Fair war erupts in New Zealand

The Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand annual trade fair is facing increased competition this year with the announcement that Australian company Expertise Events will be holding its inaugural New Zealand fair at the same time.

GIA and Jewelers of America join forces

The Gemological Institute of America and Jewelers of America have begun working together to better fulfill their individual missions and directly benefit their constituencies.

Blue diamond sells for US$24 million

The Wittelsbach diamond, a 17th century cushion-shaped fancy deep grayish blue VS2 diamond weighing 35.56 carats, has sold for US $24,311,190 at Christie’s in London – a world record price for a diamond sold at auction.

The Diamond Baron

Rami Baron, the president of the newly formed Diamond Dealers Club of Australia, explains why Australia needs its own bourse.

The White Stuff

Although yellow gold remains the world’s best known precious metal, Jenny Berich reports that ‘white is the new yellow’ for many in the jewellery industry.

Dubai Debut

More than 1000 visitors attended the first dedicated colored gemstone trade fair, ICA International Gem Show, in Dubai in October.

Linneys – the best of the West

Linneys, one of WA’s best known jewellery stores, has earned national and international recognition by handcrafting jewellery from ‘local’ pearls, diamonds and gold.

Pearl Power

Jenny Berich discovers that mankind’s lust for the mysterious jewel from the deep continues to grow – irrespective of changing economic fortunes.

Classique Sam

Jenny Berich talks to the man behind the Australian branded watches with Swiss watch movements.

Ian Hadassin – JAA CEO

Ian Hadassin, the CEO of the Jewellers Association of Australia, discusses his first 12 months in the industry’s top job.

Susan and the watchmaker

The marriage of an award-winning jeweller and a business-minded watchmaker is the foundation for one of WA’s most successful jewellery stores – Blennerhassett Fine Jewellers.

King of the Link

Jenny Berich charts the success of Aram Atakliyan – one of Australia’s last remaining handmade chain manufacturers.

Red, red rubies

Ruby, the birthstone of July, can cost from $3 to $23,000 per carat

Calleija’s good fortune

Winning the De Beers Diamonds-International Award in 2000 catapulted ‘suburban jeweller’ John Calleija to the centre of the world’s jewellery stage – a position he’s thrived in ever since.

Changing Times

Economists may be forecasting gloom and doom but watch suppliers and retailers remain confident that timepieces will continue to perform well in the coming months – at least at the top end of the market.

Diamonds – the real thing?

New treatments are making it increasingly difficult to tell the difference between natural and treated diamonds.

The Pandora phenomenon

Jenny Berich meets the woman behind the most popular jewellery brand in Australia today.

Jewellery fabrication set for global recovery

After a 24 percent year-on-year drop in the first half of this year, global jewellery fabrication is expected to record a six percent year-on-year increase in the final half, according to GFMS’s Gold Survey 2008 update.

London Shines

Despite gloomy reports about the British economy, London’s premier jewellery event, IJL 2008, literally sparkled with the latest designs from more than 800 English and international jewellery exhibitors.

Amaya – butterflies and beyond

Father and son team Alfredo and Richard Munoz combine precision engineering with their creative talents to produce findings – and fine jewellery.

ICA issues collateral damage warning

The United States’ Tom Lantos ‘Block Burmese JADE Act of 2008’, which bars Burmese rubies and jadeite from entering America via third party countries, may cause collateral damage in Burma, according to The International Colored Gemstone Association.

Charm wars get personal

In Pandora Jewelry, LLC v. Chamilia, LLC the United States District Court for the District of Maryland ruled that the interchangeability of Chamilia and Pandora beads “only promotes competition and choice for consumers”.

Miller launches Passion8 jewellery

The Passion8 jewellery range consists of rings, pendants and earrings featuring “Australia’s most well cut brightest diamonds in superior quality white and yellow gold and platinum jewellery settings”.

Bvlgari opens flagship in Melbourne

Following the opening of its first Australian twinstore in the Sydney CBD last year, Bvlgari will open an even larger one in Melbourne this month.

Marks offers advice

Percy Marks owner Cameron Marks has joined forces with seven other “bridal experts” to provide up-to-the-minute wedding advice on the internet.

JAA issues diamond alert

The Jewellers Association of Australia has warned jewellery retailers and suppliers to keep away from inaccurately graded diamonds.

Standards Australia launches Millesimal System

Standards Australia has introduced two new standards for gold, silver, rolled gold and plated jewel-lery in Australia.
Developed to stamp out consumer confusion around claims and jewellery markings, the new Stan-dards will provide Australian jewellers,

Pandora continues pink support

Pandora plans to continue raising money for the National Breast Care Foundation by selling ‘pink ribbon’ beads.
Last year the company raised $70,762 for the NBCF from sales of two beads designed by Pandora designer Lone Frandsen.

Gem experts meet in Coober Pedy

A French professor specialising in opals and coloured diamonds, Australia’s leading colour gemstone expert and Asia’s top jade authority were the key speakers at the Gemmological Association of Australia’s national conference in Coober Pedy.

Hearts on Fire closes 120 accounts

The Hearts On Fire company has begun closing 120 retail accounts in the US to “consolidate and strengthen its family of independent retail jewelers”.

Topaz, tanzanite and treatments

Like almost all precious and semi-precious gemstones topaz and tanzanite are increasingly being enhanced with treatments.


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